Online Craps

Isn’t it great getting out to a casino, sitting down at the craps table and rolling the dice? It is always exciting and loads of fun playing craps. The small problem… most people don’t live close enough to casinos or don’t have the time to always go to a casino, well the solution isĀ online craps.

You can play online craps at any time you are close to a computer where you can get on line. So the craps table comes to you. At all of the casinos on our site you would be able to play online craps 24/7.

Convenience is definitely the number one reason to play online craps. You are not limited to when you can play as you can roll the dice a few times before going to bed just for fun.

Online craps is also a far more cost and time effective option than playing craps at a regular casino. You don’t need to take time off from work to play, you spend no money or time on travelling and there are no costs incurred for hotels, drinks or food… Okay so there might be some money spent on food and drinks, but you get it at a much lower rate from the local store.

Another one of the best reasons to play online craps is that you can play for free if you prefer and this is a great way of practicing or learning how to play the game if you are new to it.