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Get To Know Us Here! We are a fun group of individuals who are passionate about children and learning. We believe in feeding small minds with the necessary information as this will help them achieve the impossible!

Meet The Ilearners


Get A Better Understanding or Tiluchi Read all about Tiluchi and learn more with iLearners as we fill the minds of those young and old!

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Video Books

The Wonderful World of Learning with Video Books Video books continue to help millions of people in learning and growing. We highlight the importance of video books with regards to children.

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Learning Games Kids is an educational website! It is also a free download application on apple’s AppStore called vivazbooks. Learning Games Kids is a participative website, with lots of free educational contents, but in order to enjoy it we ask for your cooperation.

Each video is presented in three languages: Spanish, English and French. Gradually we will add more. They are also subtitled in their respective languages, to facilitate their learning and provide access to hearing impaired children. We believe and understanding the importance of educating young minds and in our developing society, which includes the online world. We support everything that happens online especially when it comes to the growth of young minds. We love everything online, be it shopping online, playing online games at your favourite online casino such as – we’re all about that!


Click Bird

Play now online!
With this app you’ll learn the names of many birds flying from Europe to Africa and to be found in the natural environment Doñana National Park in Spain.
Many of them are endangered and La Cañada de los Pajaros is a natural place dedicated to the breeding and conservation of these birds.
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Memo Bird

Play now online!
With this app you’ll learn the names of many birds flying from Europe to Africa and to be found in the natural environment Doñana National Park in Spain.
MEMOBIRD is our version of clickbird for the kids.

Video Puzzle

The reader needs to recognize the letters, the words, the sentences, however when it is read. As intellectual skill, to understand implies catching the meanings that others have transmitted by sounds, images, colors and movements. The reading comprehension is a process more complicated that to identify words and meanings, this is the difference between reading and comprehension. This is where videopuzzle comes in!

My Monsters

To complete this album you will need a camera or you can use your iPad’s one.
In each double page of the album, you will find: on the left page, information on the most common monsters or the easiest ones to find at any party; on the right page, space for you to put photos of such monsters.
You can modify the photos with a number of applications that you will find in your iPad.
You can colour them, distort them, give them titles or add texts…
When you think they are ready, put them in the appropriate space until you have filled them all.

We believe in the importance of informative games – yes we play them too! Online games offer children the opportunity to learn and grow in so many ways. We believe that online games offer a more visual and interactive experience which assists them in learning and understanding way faster. The same rule applies to adults, playing your favourite top casino games, offers them the same thrill and entertainment!